The Shop has been in my family for 2 generations.  My father, Jim,  has passed away, but left six sons, one daughter, and a raft of grandchildren who are interested in vintage autos and restoration.  All the sons are in the car business.  We deal in repair, rebuilding, and parts.  

I specialize in Vintage Mustangs while my brother specializes in Thunderbirds.  My brother next door has a boat shop in addition to cars, and my brother just outside of town specializes in parts.  We do have one 'employed' brother, who specializes in GM cars, keeping them running smoothly.  Another brother who lives up north who also is in the car business.  Our one sister supports all her brothers' crazy car passions!    

**Sidenote:  When the Mother-in-law saw my wife's 'new' Mustang in its original 'condition', she said it would be more merciful to just sell it for scrap metal.  When it was fully restored and sitting in the driveway, the MIL again came by.  She didn't recognize it was the same car.  When I get time, I'll post some before and after pictures!